Audi TTS Coupe competition 2013

The rally cry of 11,000-plus Facebook fans was enough for Audi to squelch the United States’s ferment over its smallest performance-oriented model: the TT RS. It was a decisive win for as much as what we got and as much as we didn’t get – depending on your point of view. We got a 360-horsepower version of the turbocharged 2.5-liter engine, a ravenous little five-cylinder power plant that conjured up the spirit of the original 1980’s Quattro. It made 20 more horsepower than the standard European specification, but it didn’t come with the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. We were instead handed a six-speed manĀ­ual, a connoisseur’s dream, but it seems it’s not what the fans on Facebook wanted. In the end, it appears those young admirers didn’t turn into real-world buyers, and the TT RS was dropped for 2014. The model that carries on is the 265-horsepower TT S. No rip-roaring RS, it’s still a lot of fun with its standard Quattro all-wheel drive, potent power plant, and visually stunning styling. Heck, it’s enough for some to support in sales what they “like” on the Internet.Audi TTS Coupe competition 2013 photoAudi TTS Coupe competition 2013 photo 2Audi TTS Coupe competition 2013 interior

Price: $49,000
Engine: 2.0-liter turbocharged W
Horsepower: 265
0-60: 4.9 seconds
Top Speed: 155 mph (limited)
Transmission: 6-speed dual-clutch
Torque: 258 foot-pounds