Bentley Flying Spur 2014

The Bentley Flying Spur is a little late to the redesign, prompting reservations about its continued existence. So while the GT and GTC have been running about with new threads, V-8s and higher-performing W-12s, the Flying Spur is just undergoing the facelift. But this is no mere Continental GT with four doors. In fact, it’s not even a Continental anymore. It’s still based on the Continental architecture, but has officially dropped that part of its name. Like an 18-year-old athirst for the freedom of a faraway college, the Flying Spur is going off on its own with no ties to the two-doors, at least by name. It’s fitting, seeing how much the Flying Spur has changed. The body is stiffer, but the suspension is softer for added comfort, playing to the emerging Chinese market (looks like it’s yearning for the student exchange program). It’s lighter, more powerful, and faster than the outgoing model, too. If’s also wrapped in sharp new duds, with strong feature lines, a swept-back look and muscular rear haunches. It’s doing its own thing on its own timetable.Bentley Flying Spur 2014 photosBentley Flying Spur 2014 photoBentley Flying Spur 2014 frontBentley Flying Spur 2014 backBentley Flying Spur 2014 interior

Price: $195,125
Engine: 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W-12
Horsepower: 616
0-60: 4.3 seconds
Top Speed: 200 mph
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Torque: 590 foot-pounds