Brammo Empulse R

Ready, set, go! Even when sitting still, Brammo’s all-electric Empulse R looks like it’s ready to leap out of a track sprinter’s starting blocks. This plug-in sportbike uses the same liquid-cooled motor and “E-Beam” twin-spar aluminum frame as the Empulse, but it differs from that standard model by the use of carbon fiber rather than plastic for its headlight shroud, taillight housing, aid fenders. Also available: The standard Empulse, with a claimed combined city/ highway range of 77 miles, has a specially developed clutch and gearshift that enable the bike to accelerate hard from a dead stop up to its 103-mph top speed.

Price: $18,995/$16,995
Engine type: AC electric motor
Displacement: none
Induction: none
Transmissioi speeds: 6
Final drive: chain
Front brake: dual disc
Rear brake: disc
Wheelhase: 58.0 in.
Seat height: 31.5 in.
Battery capacity: 10.2 kWh
Claimed dry weight: 470 lb.

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