Brammo Enertia Plus

Because range has been and remains the number-one concern for anyone thinking about buying an electric motorcycle, Brammo created the Enertia Plus. Thanks to its Brammo Power lithium-ion NCM battery, the Plus has a single-charge claimed com¬bined city/highway range of 58 miles—a significant improvement over the original Enertia. Also, a tight turning radius makes the Plus easy to handle in close quarters, and charging with the supplied battery cord is simple. The Enertia Plus comes in five colors: True Blood Red, Peacekeeping Blue, Eclipsed Black, Maillot Jaune Yellow, and Aluminium Silver.

Price: $10,950
Engine type: AC electric motor
Displacement: none
Induction: none
Transmission: automatic
Final drive: chain
Front brake: disc
Rear brake: disc
Wheelbase: 56.0 in.
Seat height: 32.0 in.
Battery capacity: 6.2 kWh
Claimed dry weight: 330 lb.

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