Lotus Exige V6 Cup

It’s not that you cant buy the new Lotus Exige in the United States and make a couple of quick blasts down the street, it just wouldn’t be legal. Because of airbag regulations, the road-going Elise and Exige will mostly be left for the lucky Europeans, leaving us with a track-only special that will be brought to the United States in limited numbers. Its too bad, too, because the Exige is better than ever. Yes, it weighs more mainly because it adopts the Evora’s Toyota-derived, supercharged 3.5-liter V-6, but it provides an extra 100 horsepower for moving only an extra few hundred pounds. In other words, performance is up, and the 0-60 is down. In the track machine, it has a Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) sys­tem offering selectable drive modes, including Touring, Sport and Race. In addition, it has a multi-adjustable suspension, full FIA-approved roll cage, fire extinguisher, carbon-fiber racing seat, six-point harness and a quick-release steering column. Completing the pack­age is an aggressive, aerodynamically optimized front splitter and rear spoiler and diffuser.Lotus Exige V6 Cup photoLotus Exige V6 Cup photo1Lotus Exige V6 Cup interior

Price: $98,000 (estimated)
Engine: 3.5-liter supercharged V-6
Horsepower: 345
0-60: 3.8 seconds
Top Speed: 170 mph
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Torque: 295 foot-pounds