Triumph Bonneville 2015

Which came first, the chicken or the Bonneville? That’s a joke. Although it looks like it’s been around since the ’50s, this incarnation is barely a decade old. Up-to-date technology cleverly concealed gives this “classic” the best of both worlds. Although its air/oil-cooled engine starts and runs instantly thanks to fuel injection, the throttle bodies look just like carburetors. Modern 17-inch tires inhabit those vintage-looking cast wheels, and the fastback-style seat serves up a comfortable, sporting ride thanks to current KYB suspension. Dual megaphone mufflers, chrome trimmed gauges, and a big chromed headlight complete the picture.

Price: $7,899/$8,199
Engine type: dohc parallel twin
Displacement: 865cc
Induction: EFI
Transmission speeds: 5
Final drive: chain
Front brake: disc
Rear brake. disc
Wheelbase: 58.6 in.
Seat height: 29.1 in.
Fuel capacity: 4.2 gal.
Claimed wet weight: 495 lb.

Triumph Bonneville 2015 profile1Triumph Bonneville 2015 profile2