Vespa S150ie 2014

Yell “Vespa” near an Italian schoolyard and kids will likely scatter in fear of getting stung. “Vespa” means ”wasp” in Italian, and the distinctive shape these scooters share is all that’s needed to understand the origin of their name. On the flip side, park a modern Vespa in front of a coffee house, and a few caffeinated cats are certain to swarm, drawn in by the Vespa’s legendary status and nostalgic appeal. Also available: The S 150 Sport SE, S 50 4V, and S 50 Sport SE are all basically the same Vespa scooter but with sporty graphics and/or a 49cc four-stroke engine.

Price: $4,599/$4,699/43,399/$3,499
Engine type: sohc single
Displacement: 153/49cc
Induction: EFI
Transmission: automatic
Final drive: gear
Front brake: disc
Rear brake: drum
Wheelbase: 50.3/50.7 in.
Seat height: 30.9/30.5 in.
Fuel capacity: 2.1/2.2 gal.
Claimed dry weight: 243/225 lb.

Vespa S150ie 2014 rearVespa S150ie 2014 profileVespa S150ie 2014 photo

Vespa S150 Sport SEĀ 

Vespa S150ie Sport SE 2014Vespa S150ie Sport SE 2014 photoVespa S150ie Sport SE 2014 profile1Vespa S150ie Sport SE 2014 profile2