Victory Jackpot 2014 profile

If your goal was to save a buck, you really have hit the Jackpot—new starting at $15,999 for 2014. Victory’s upscale cruiser gets new two-tone red and black paint for 2014 covering everything including the double-downtube steel frame. Custom billet wheels mounting a 250mm-wide 18-inch tire out back and a skinny 21-incher up front on a raked-out fork give it that cocky cruiser swagger, while a 25.7-inch-high seat makes everybody look like a big player. And tough as it looks, there are 3 inches of rear-wheel travel tucked under that low seat.

Price: $15,999
Engine type: sohc V-twin
Displacement: 1731cc
Induction: EFI
Transmission speeds: 6
Final drive: belt
Front brake: disc
Rear brake: disc
Wheelbase: 67.1 in.
Seat height: 25.7 in.
Fuel capacity: 4.5 gal.
Claimed dry weight: 653 lb.

Victory Jackpot 2014 photoVictory Jackpot 2014 rear